About - AH Jewellery

How it all began...

Hello - I'm Ami of AH Jewellery. Welcome to my shop, where I hope you'll enjoy browsing my range of jewellery I make to suit different looks, occasions and budgets. In here, you’ll find minimal, geometric pieces to more organic, rustic designs, from simple studs to bold statement necklaces.

My jewellery-making story began ironically, when I was often too weak to lift a hammer or saw a piece of metal. I was diagnosed with ME, which meant I had very little energy or strength to do anything. I eventually had to give up my beloved job in arts education, as I was no longer able to work.

After being bed-bound and thoroughly fed-up for months, I enrolled on a part-time jewellery-making course and slowly built up my skills and equipment so that I could develop my work from home. Being able to indulge my creativity and create beautiful things from scratch, proved to be a real tonic and provided some much-needed relief from the monotonous cycle of chronic illness.

A few years down the line, I am still very much in love with the whole creative process of silversmithing. From gathering inspiration from something I might spot in the garden, to sketching out designs, rolling out silver, soldering, shaping, hammering and polishing, photographing…I get a lot of pleasure from every step of the process and absolutely LOVE seeing people wear my creations!

I am registered with Birmingham Assay Office and all sterling silver pieces weighing over 7.78g will be hallmarked with my ‘AH’ sponsor mark, 925 and the Birmingham anchor stamp, to verify its purity.